Pet Memorial Service

To celebrate and honor unconditional love

Hello, I am Ursula,
your Pet Memorial Celebrant (Sydney)

For many of us, our pet is a life companion. Losing that companion is one of the most heartbreaking times in our lives. The grieving journey can be incredibly distressing, lonely, and misunderstood by those around us.  Fur Angels is here to support you honour the life of your beloved companion with personalised, beautiful  pet memorial services.

I founded Fur Angels in Sydney, to provide the first celebrant service exclusively dedicated to pets. Our services help celebrate your special companion and pay tribute to your bond of unconditional love.

Animal Companion CelebrantAs a pet celebrant, I listen to your memories and capture your stories to create a meaningful farewell ceremony for your treasured friend. The memory of these special moments give solace and stay with you forever. 

Ursula Dauenhauer pet memorial celebrant

Ursula Dauenhauer

Postgrad Diploma Counselling / Communication  (ACAP, Australian College for Applied Psychology)

I always aspired to become the person my dog thought I am.

What is a Pet Memorial Service?

Just as we farewell humans and seek closure with funeral services, customised pet memorial services are an increasingly important part of the healing process for bereaved pet owners and close friends. Essential for healing are finding ways to honour a pet’s memory, remembering your special bond and coping with the pain of their absence.  

The program of a pet memorial service includes a eulogy and tributes that remember moments of your pet’s life. Poems and music  fill the service with moments of reflection and stillness. Symbolic rituals such as lighting candles, brief meditations, story telling and to tree planting help give comfort and create meaningful memories.

A lovingly arranged memorial table in the comfort of your home, garden, or special place for your pet provides a supportive setting for a personalised ceremony to honor and celebrate your pet’s life. The possibilities are endless, the choices are yours.

Memorial rituals and keepsakes can help with the grieving process by creating a sense of emotional connection to bring you solace, when your pet companion has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

Help yourself and your loved ones on the grief journey with the healing power of a customised Pet Memorial Service. You can read more about this topic here.

Benefits of a pet memorial service

Whether your beloved pet is a dog, cat, rabbit or something else, pet owners need no explanation about the importance of animals in their lives. Holding a memorial service for your pet is a healing experience for you, your family and your pet’s friends. Although there may be tears during the service, there will also be smiles and laughter as you share stories about your pet’s antics and habits.

You can benefit from:

    Whether your pet’s passing was sudden or after a prolonged illness, a memorial service lets you acknowledge your loss and celebrate your companion’s life.
    Your pet was with you through thick and thin, loving you without judgement. Honouring your pet’s life is a way to reflect on their special place in your life.
    A memorial service is a time to bring friends and family together to grieve the loss of your pet and reconnect with those left behind.
    Many pet owner feel lost when a pet passes because no none else truly understands what their pet meant to their life. A dedicated pet celebrant can support owners and help with coping strategies as life carries on.




Compassionate – Personalised – Meaningul – Healing

Creating your pet’s memorial service is an intensely personal experience. You may choose to hold a privatae ceremony in the comfort of your home or prefer to share moments with family and friends at a special place. Wherever you settle, all your pet’s furry friends are very welcome. 

venues for pet memorials
In the Comfort of Your Home

Personal & private

A memorial service is an emotional experience, and it’s comforting to hold it in an environment that feels safe, familiar and supportive. Your home may be the perfect venue, especially if you prefer a private, personal setting surrounded by memories. Your home also allows you to invite guests and your pet’s  furry friends to remember special moments and share the experience of a personalised, loving and meaningful ceremony.

Your Backyard

Family & friends

Your backyard is a wonderful place for a memorial ceremony or funeral.  Please consider that you may not be able to take your pet memorial with you if you move.

In Nature

A special place

If you feel close to nature, you may consider a favourite beach, river, park or other meaningful location for the ceremony and council approved scattering of ashes.

Venue Hire

The sky is the limit

Hiring a lovely venue for the memorial service and refreshments is a good all weather option and lets you comfortably host a larger group. Many venues offer pet-friendly options.

How Fur Angels creates your Memorial Service

Every pet memorial service is different, reflecting each owner’s unique relationship to their furry companion and program preferences. I create a touching individual memorial program that farewells your pet’s life with sensitivity and dignity.

I handle all the program elements, including creating special moments with rituals. I am also here to help you with the many upsetting parts of saying goodbye, such as drafting a tribute or colleting ashes.

Creating Special Moments to Celebrate your Pet’s Life

Commemorating your bond of love and joy are captured perfectly by creating meaningful moments. There are many ways to do this and here are just a few examples.

Creativity and Play

Expressing yourself through art can be a great help during the grieving process and create unique lasting memories. 

Imagine painting stones, creating pictures or writing letters during the memorial service to capture the moment and memorialise your pet. This can be especially helpful for children struggling with their loss..

Rituals and Symbols

Releasing balloons with personal messages attached is a peaceful ritual symbolising,  a gentle “moment of “letting go” . They can even be personalised.

Letting them go together and seeing them lifted into the sky offer moments of reflection and calm.

Personalised Candles and Mementos

Personalised candles are beautiful symbols of warmth and light for the ceremony and make a meaningful gift for guests. Small mementos are ideal to create lasting memories, for example plaques, photo blocks or keepsake jewelry. 

personalised candles
planting tree as memorial

Tree Planting

Planting a tree is a lovely symbol representing the circle of life, reminding us that we all return to nature when our time comes. Tree planing is a wonderful way to remember your pet’s past and help the future of the planet.