A Partnership Proposal for Vets

A match made in heaven?

Easing the pain

Caring for your clients can be challenging, especially when it comes to the difficult moment of sharing with pet owners that their much-loved companion may soon have to leave them. The difficult conversations can present aheavy burden for veterinarians and their staff.

Facing the reality of the euthanasia and cremation process can leave pet owners feel lost, emotionally overwhelmed and alone. Often they don’t know where to turn when it comes to saying farewell to their companion.

As their trusted vet, pet owners can lean on your support and guidance.  I have been there myself, and despite the very best care from my vet at the time,  the experience of loss and grief was heartbreaking. It motivated me to found Fur Angels, so I can provide a dedicated Pet Memorial Celebrant Service.

How a Pet Memorial Service Celebrant can help your clients

pet memorial partnership with vetsA dedicated pet memorial service is a gentle and meaninful way to aid grieving pet owners. Compassion, listening and a memorable ceremony provides deeply needed support.

The emotional benefits mirror those of human funerals or memorial services. By introducing a way to honour pets’ lives, veterinarians enrich client relationships and add a meaningful dimension to their practice.

How we can work together

I am here to work side by side with vets who share the believe that giving  bereaved pet owners the choice to hold a remembrance service fosters a sense of closure, validates their grief, honours the pet’s life and helps them to connect with family and friends. It may also contribute to the emotional well-being of the wider practise team and help alleviate some of their daily stress.

Extending your services with emotional support

You have the option to add Fur Angels to your range of existing services, such as the co-ordination of  cremations.

We can agree on the most effective way to work together and create a seamless client experience. I can support you with all materials and could even offer to conduct consultations in your practise rooms.

Simple referrals to a trusted and reliable partner

During your consults, you have the choice to refer your clients to Fur Angels and share contact information or brochures.

I am here to support your client dialogue with brochures, digital content, resources or any other material you would like for your practise.                    

 Helping your client on the grieving journey

grieving for pet

You can rest assured that I am looking after the well-being of your client. I can be involved during the challenging pre-grieving leading up to the time of saying good bye or whenever you believe the time is right.

Your client will benefit from an obligation free first conversation, and can then decide how to proceed. Depending on individual needs I can offer support beyond the memorial service. I also collaborate with a network of counsellors and psychologists who share the same values. 

Would you like to know more about my service or explore how partnering would suit your practise?

I am here to support you and your clients in providing the best possible care during challenging times.

To arrange a suitable time, simply call me on 0487 934 421, email ursula@fur-angels.com.au or contact me here.

Ursula Dauenhauer - Pet Memorial Celebrant Animal Companion Celebrant